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The Balance Series

The Balance series is a collection of novels, each told in two parts. The beginning of each chapter in a novel is told from the title character’s perspective. The rest of the chapter tells the story in a third person narrative. The focus of the series is on the choices we face after death and why there must always be a Balance, blending the Western mindset of individuality with the Eastern concepts of Zen and the infinite nature of the universe, in what can best be described as a supernatural buddy cop comedy.

Excerpt from Grey:

“No, you’re right. This ain’t it by a long shot. Let’s talk simple science, for example an atom is a complete and balanced structure.” Grey picked up the red, yellow, and white condiment squeeze bottles. He squirted a large dollop of mayonnaise onto the center of his empty plate. Then he added a few tiny yellow dots of mustard around the edges of the mayo glob. “That atom stays complete through a proper balance of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons carry a positive charge and electrons a negative one, but the whole thing would break apart if the neutrons didn’t hold it all together. The universe keeps to certain patterns, you follow?” He punctuated this by squeezing a hefty blob of ketchup into the middle of the mayonnaise.

Pete pointed at Grey’s sauce laden plate, “You’re telling me you’re the ketchup.”

“Yes, in an overly simplified example. Myself, and the others I work with would be the neutrons on this level of existence. What I do is more complicated than that, so call this the preview. A small taste of what it means to work for the Balance.” Grey said, and spun the plate lightly causing the condiments to blend. He gestured to the colored globs that had run together into a chaotic mass. “If somebody doesn’t keep the Balance this is what would happen to everything.”

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