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Short Stories

Many readers have asked me over the years if I ever intended to write children’s stories. To be honest I never did, or wanted to. Children’s stories were one of the few genres I wanted to stay away from, but time is tricky. Once I had children of my own, and they could ask questions about things they didn’t understand…well, I couldn’t help myself. I am a story teller after all. So, I began to write down some of the stories I told them. I had planned on these stories, which I dubbed the “Once Upon a Long Ago” stories, to be just for my children. Something special that Daddy wrote just for them. Maybe some of them will stay that way, and maybe someday they’ll be collected in an anthology available in paperback and eBook. But for now I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share a few. Besides the point in these stories is that every parent deserves a chance to be the hero. If you choose to read a “Once Upon a Long Ago” story to your children or grandchildren feel free to substitute yourself in for the hero…you deserve it.


 Once Upon a Long Ago


Goblin Stones Cover Art

The Balance Series

There is not a Timeline, as such, with the short stories from The Balance Series. But, if it would be advantageous for the reader to have read to a certain point in the series we will say where the story should fall by the title. Just click on the cover below and it will open the story in a PDF.

Dolly (Read after Grey)



*Every story that appears on is held under copyright by the author. Please feel free to print off a PDF  or read them on your computer, but do not attempt to reproduce them for financial gain.

If you’d rather use an eBook reader for these stories the free services of Calibre will quickly and easily convert the PDF to the file needed for the reader of your choice.


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