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The Dark Lights


Have you ever walked past a window and seen something out of the corner of your eye that you knew couldn’t be there, but you go back to check and it’s gone?

What if it wasn’t gone?

What if it was still there?

What if you could walk out your door and interact with it?

And what if you couldn’t go back?

This is the story of Erik. He is a young man who did just that. He walked through a doorway into another world and now he cannot return home. Every door he walks through could be the one that leads him back home, but the years he has spent searching have not yielded that result. Compounding matters are the Dark Lights, creatures more akin to gods than sentient man, that chase Erik as a result of his trespassing into other worlds.

Follow Erik along on his travels, and allow his spastic wit to keep you company while he compares the cosmos to pop culture, falls in love, examines the concepts of fear, desire, anger, compassion, courage, and the entire gamut of the human experience.

Open a door onto another world, and run!



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