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Facebook Losing Face?

May 22, 2014

One of my readers sent me an email asking why she hadn’t seen my posts on Facebook and if I had stopped using that platform.

Not to worry, my accounts are still active and utilized on every social media site, folks. The thing is for those of us that have been using Facebook for years (odd to be able to say that) the changes have been dramatic. I will do my best not to criticize the company. It is after all a free service, but longtime users still do not understand why they don’t see every post from their friends, family, and favorite pages on their feed.

The first reason is that most people and pages refuse to pay-to-promote their posts. The second, from the page’s front, is that there are the verified pages that BIG NAME products and celebrities have that benefit Facebook financially by just having an account. Then there are the lesser known ones (Hi, nice to meet you. I’m one of those). And lastly the complete unknowns and random junk that is added to the social media trash heap daily. Facebook makes money off of us middle of the road, lesser knows. We are the ones with a reach but not the dynamic fame of say Beiber, Disney, Doritos, or any other mega product.  But our supporters still want to know what’s going on with our careers and whatnot. So the idea is that the Big Names don’t need to pay. The unknowns won’t pay… so, the middle class is supposed to. Hmm, sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t  it?

If you’re unwilling to jump platforms to the abbreviated world of Twitter (inane and really full of nonsense posts, but you’ll still see them if you’re following somebody) then the best solution is to try and utilize the Facebook algorithms. Don’t worry, it’s easy. If you want to see posts from a page or friend more often you have to increase your interaction with them  – quid pro quo. That means go to that page or profile and “Like” every damn post and picture (even if you don’t), comment (even if you have nothing to say add a happy face), and share the posts you really like on your profile. Do the same as you see new posts on your timeline and that will up the visibility of future posts.

Good luck!


Flattered by Star Wars Fans!

I was unaware that within certain circles, more so than my close friends that is, people want to know my opinions on George Lucas selling Star Wars to Disney and the blatant statements that there will be new Star Wars movies.

I have received a ton of messages today alone.

So I say, “Wow!” and “I’m flattered.”

The Skywalker saga has always been my “Orphan Child of Destiny” story of choice. I enjoyed what Lucas did with the original trilogy, blending more theology into the Orphan Child of Destiny story, than the others. Shy of Moses, of course. I have enjoyed many of the additions to the Star Wars expanded universe over the years. There are some entertaining books and comics out there (some really suck) but there are great ones too.

What do I think of more movies? 

Despite the prequels, I still would take my kids to go see a new Star Wars in the theater. I see it as no different than parents taking their children to a game by their favorite professional sports team. It isn’t the same players they watched when they were children, but the enjoyment can still be there, sharing a moment with your child.

What do I think of George Lucas?

That is the tougher question. I respect what he did in the seventies. How could you not? He wanted to have as much creative control as possible. Again, bravo…but…somewhere in all the massive mounds of money, I think he lost the artist that wanted that creative control…and it only became about Control! No longer creative. Having never had the chance to speak with him, I will not judge a man or cast about names like so many of my fellow fanboys love to do. All I can say is I have hopes for successes of my own…but if the price of success was to lose the creative part of me and simply want control, then I’d have to say I pity George Lucas. Pity a man who just sold a company for Four Billion dollars, you ask? Yes, because as an artist you can easily sell your soul, your spirit, but that seems to be a non-renewable resource. When it’s gone, it’s gone, and you give the world Gungans instead of daydreams.

I care nothing for money. I’m just a man, an artist, soul intact, creative controlled. 

So pity, that’s my answer. I pity George Lucas. Imagine selling a dream? A dream is something most people only get to chase after, but to catch one, and then sell it? Wow….yeah, pity.



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